What can you expect from Croatia?

It is finally “cool to be Croatian” and thanks to the World Cup and extended media coverage, Croatia no longer really needs an introduction the way it once used to. The whole world now knows Croatia exists! Not only is Croatia the country I was born in, but it’s also the country I have called home for the last five years. It goes without saying that you can expect all the posts on my blog about Croatia to be filled with a natural love and passion for people to visit my beautiful country.

Croatia has in recent years become a hotspot for tourists with just under 20 million visitors in 2018. This figure rises each year. While the coastline remains popular during the summer time, Zagreb’s annual award winning Advent (Christmas Market) also brings in a lot of traffic during December, despite the unbearable cold.

So, what can you expect from visiting Croatia? I always say that Croatia is the whole world in one country, there is something for everyone no matter what kind of traveller you are. Each region of Croatia is respectfully different and unique. Fortunately, by living in Croatia, I am in the front row to experience everything truly magical about this country and I love sharing with you on this blog.

Places I recommend To See in Croatia

・Plitvice National Park 





・Dugi Otok

My Favourite Restaurants in Croatia

Pelegrini in Sibenik: My favourite restaurant in Croatia is Pelegrini in Sibenik. Pelegrini currently has 1 Michelin Star and two years on is still my best restaurant experience in the country.

Takenoko in Zagreb: For the best Japanese restaurant in Croatia, I personally recommend Takenoko in Zagreb (& Dubrovnik). I am extremely regular at this sushi restaurant in Zagreb.

Didov San in Zagreb: If you’re looking for the best dalmatian peka in Zagreb, Didov San is the restaurant to go to. There are two loactions in the city, I am often found at the Upper Town one.

Bruschetta in Zadar: Bruschetta in Zadar is already known as one of the best restaurants in the Old Town. I absolutely live for the seafood platter there!

Konoba Levrnaka in Kornati Islands: One of the most memorable lunches I have ever had in my life was at this restaurant, set in a quiet little bay in the Kornati Islands.

Zinfandel’s Restaurant in Zagreb: I strongly believe that Zinfandels Restaurant in Zagreb’s Esplanade Hotel should have a Michelin Star. If you’re looking for the utimate dining expereince, visit Ana Grgic’s kitchen, it won’t let you down.

What To Wear in Croatia

Leave your heels at home ladies, Croatia will not appreciate your Choos! Unless of course you’re out in Zagreb during the evening. Opt for comfortable and stylish flats and or a pair of crisp white sneakers. If visiting a Church is on your list of things to do in Croatia, make sure you have your shoulders covered or else you won’t be allowed inside. Dress comfortably as usually in the historic Old Towns there is a lot of walking and climbing to do!

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