Destination Map

[mkdf_map_with_destinations map_height=”600″]
[mkdf_section_title type=”standard” position=”center” title_tag=”h2″ disable_break_words=”yes” text_tag=”p” text_font_weight=”400″ title=”Find your dream destination” text=”Proin gravida nibh vel velit auctor aliqnean sollicitudem quis bibendum” text_color=”#838383″ text_font_size=”18″ text_line_height=”30″ text_margin=”20″]
[mkdf_destination_list number_of_columns=”four” space_between_items=”normal” number_of_items=”8″ orderby=”date” order=”ASC” selected_projects=”912, 748, 208, 2480, 1024, 1232, 1235, 1230″]

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