There are few restaurants around in Zagreb that raise eye brows when you check-in there, Boban Restoran is one of them. The restaurant’s reputation recedes beyond dining only Zagreb’s well-heeled, it stems as far as the country- anyone whose anyone in Croatia has had a table at Boban Restoran. However,… View Post

Rovinj (Rovigno in Italian) is Croatia’s most charming coastal town located in the istrian peninsula. If you’re looking to take some time away outside Croatia but don’t necessarily want to leave the Croatian border than Istria is the perfect region to explore. It’s often said that Istria feels more Italian… View Post

  I finally did it! I went truffle hunting in Istria! Truffle hunting has been on my bucketlist of things to do in Croatia for the last three years and after meeting Visnja Prodan two years ago at the Pasta festival in Zminj, my wish was her command. The Prodan… View Post