Things I Recommend in Croatia

Finding your feet in Croatia can be tough. Who do you trust? Which businesses won’t rip you off? Fortunately for you, I have first hand experience with both the good and bad side of Croatia and the Croatian people.

Here are a list of services I reommend in Croatia. All of these that I reommend I have personally used and have contact with during my three year stay in Croatia.

Best place to get a manicure and pedicure in Zagreb?

Nails by TANJA

Address: Antuna Bauera 7, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Best place to get a manicure and pedicure in Zadar?

D’iva Nails & Beauty 

Which hairdresser do I recommend in Zagreb?

Toni&Guy Zagreb –

Address: Ulica Ljudevita Gaja 29a, Zagreb

Which hairdresser do I recommend in Zadar?

Hair Salon Marlena

Address: Put Murvice 19, 23000, Zadar

**Note- They are excellent at colouring your hair to match your hair extensions, they also know how to stye your hair with hair extensions and know how to cut them. They are one of two salons in Zadar who use Kerastase. Highly recommend. 

Where to get the best haircut for a man in Zagreb?

My husband is very loyal to Zeljka at Gospon Fulir in Zagreb.

Address: Zavrtnica 17, 10000, Zagreb

Phone: 01 2922 557

Where to get your eye brows threaded in Zagreb?

Brow Bar by Manuela Picard in Zagreb 

Address: Gajeva ul. 8, 10000, Zagreb

Phone: 01 4870 327

Where to get your eye brows microbladed in Zagreb?

Kozmetički salon CheChe

Martićeva 14 c, Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: 091 531 0114

Where do I recommend getting botox and fillers in Croatia?

Dr Lovric, Poliklinika Bagatin

Address: Green Gold Tower
Grada Vukovara 269a/10, 10000 Zagreb

Best place to get a massage in Zagreb?

M-Centar Original Thai Massage

Address: Varšavska ul. 8, 10000, Zagreb

Best place to get a massage in Zadar?

Pearl of Siam Thai Massage

Address: Ul. Kraljskog Dalmatina 8, 23000, Zadar

Where to purchase hair extensions in Croatia?

No where that I recommend. I did have an experience with a hair salon in Zagreb where I purchased Balmain hair extensions that cost me almost 8,000kn and I wouldn’t recommend these hair extensions. The clips unclip, the salon seems to not be able to colour your hair to match your own hair colour and there is no point in paying so much when they are cheaper online. I buy Bellami Hair from America. Yes, you’ll have to pay almost 40% in customs tax (approx. 1400kn) to get it into Croatia but these are the best hair extensions I have ever had.

Do you recommend a mechanic in Zadar?

Yes, AutoDirekt has saved me on numerous occasions around Zadar. There is no such thing as roadside assistance in Croatia, like NRMA and many mechanics will not come to your house if there’s a problem with your vechile. The boys from AutoDirekt have been a tremendous help and are very reliable.

Address: Varaždinska ul. 21, 23000, Zadar

Phone: 091 534 4655



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