About Me

Adriana Matak is a London-based blogger for anyone looking for a personal journey in travel, lifestyle and addiction recovery. 

Hi, I’m Adriana! I was born in Croatia and raised in Australia. Six years ago I left my perfectly imperfect life in Sydney to embark on a journey overseas, following my heart and trying to figure out a narrative to my life that made sense. It hardly ever did but I never looked back. Since then I have lived in Zagreb and Zadar in Croatia and currently call London my home, for the third time in my life. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason and whichever way you have found me, I’d like to welcome you to my world of resilience, recovery and perpetual self discovery. 

Despite my terrible 20s which I refer to as “my decade long hangover,” I see no shame in admitting that I started living in my 30s. Better late than never, right? Since rejoining “life” as a sober person, I have proven to myself (& others) that I am not only more than capable to achieving my goals, I am able to navigate through my life successfully, sober. This includes learning to enjoy the finer things in life without a glass of champagne or my beloved final drink three years ago, gin & tonic. 

Living my best life, sober.

Over the years, I have been published on Lonely Planet, The Huffington Post, Jetset Times, Tiny Buddha and Rebelle Society. 


Email: info (@) adrianamatak dot com

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