Balkan Series

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Welcome To My Balkan Series!

Pages that will feed my curiosity about the land I call home and hopefully entice you enough to visit.

I have decided to pull away from the classic city life of London for 8 weeks and wander the traditional grounds of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro from the beginning of August. Who knows, if all goes well, I may even extend my travels… I hear you Macedonia!

The Cities On My List So Far Are

Osijek, Croatia

Vukovar, Croatia

Mostar, Bosnia

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Blagaj, Bosnia

Tuzla, Bosnia

Srebrenica, Bosnia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia

Tivat, Montenegro

Neum, Bonia & Herzegovina

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What I’ll Be Doing

I will be documenting my journey on this blog with tips, local guides, guest posts and a personal recount of my time in each city. Along with updating this blog daily, I’ll also be vlogging, collaborating with other influencers and creating city guides on my YouTube Channel

What I am Looking For

I am looking for brands, companies and anyone involved with anything exciting and worth showcasing to the rest of the world in each of the cities I will be visiting. In some locations such as Osijek, Hvar, Tivat and Serbia (all cities), my accommodation has already been looked after.

If you have a bar or restaurant you’d like me to visit and review, I would love to hear from you. The louder and more authentic, the better.

I am also eager to meet other bloggers and influencers who may be interested in collaborating for both the Blog and YouTube Channel. Any local photographers, videographers and music producers (please make sure tracks have no copyright on them and are originals) are also welcome to contact me.

If you have a clothing or accessories label and would like me to wear some of your items while I am travelling, please do get in touch, as long as it is my style and along the lines of my aesthetic, I would love to collaborate.

AdrianaKupresakBlog | Trogir, Croatia

What I don’t Need

I don’t need any narrow minded negativity by nationalist meat heads making comments revolving around what kind of Croat I am to be heading into “these territories.”

How To Get in Contact

Please email directly at


Contact me through any of my Social Media Channels,

Links are provided in the top right corner of this blog.

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