A showcase of the cooperations with publications like Lonely Planet, the Huffington Post & Tiny Buddha, as well as some leading Croatian news portals. These articles are my intimate portrait, showing the struggle and ultimate victory over alcohol addiction. They give a glimpse of my deepest wounds and show how life changes can be made with perseverance and a firm will.

Some of the articles are about my love and special connection with Croatia – its beauties and the influence this country had on my life.

Lonely Planet

Three days in Zadar: exploring in and around Croatia’s coolest city

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Tiny Buddha

Why I Drank, How It Destroyed Me, and How I’m Healing My Self-Hatred

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Huff Post

How An Abusive Relationship Shaped My 20s

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Rebelle Society

I’m Not Running Away From Myself Anymore

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Croatia Week

How the Beautiful Region of Slavonia was Promoted to the World

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Miss 7

Povratak u Hrvatsku spasio mi je život – i donio pravu ljubav!

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The Bold Owl

Hvar – Top Destination To Visit In Croatia

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Life As a Human

My Personal Story

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The Roads You Travel

How to spend a day on the Island of Vis, Croatia

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Honest Food talks

8 New Restaurants and Cafes to Discover and Love in London

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