Duboka Draga in Vrsi, One of The Most Beautiful Beaches in Zadar Region ・Croatia

Duboka Draga in Vrsi, One of The Most Beautiful Beaches in Zadar Region ・Croatia

Here’s a little fun fact about me, I hate the beach. I am a typical Slavonka who does not like to get wet. Imagine how my husband felt the first time he heard that? As a proud Dalmatinac, he was mortified and committed to baptising me in Dalmatian waters ASAP! It’s always “too cold” or I’m not in the mood to get my hair and body wet. Watching me walk into the sea can be an excruciating experience, those rocks, the temperature and my threat to walk back to my towel are vocalised. Even the prospect of potentially stepping on a sea urchin becomes an excuse. They still freak me out. No excuse was good enough and according to Luka, I had to go through with my Dalmatian Baptism on every single beach we visited. This is all about to make sense, I promise.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am freaked out by open waters. Last September I was sailing around the Kornati Islands and jumped from the sailboat once and never again. That’s right, once and never again. I just hate that feeling of uncertainty and have a fear of the unknown. That’s why I’m starting to appreciate the smaller secluded beaches in around the Zadar Region.

Last week I came across this photo on Zadar Region…

Duboka Draga is located in Vrsi and is part of Zadar Region on Croatia’s northern Dalmatian coastline. Vrsi is also the next town to Nin, a few kilometres away and has uninterrupted views Croatia’s highest mountain range, Velebit. To get there you’ll need to drive through a very cute and cobblestone town with many ancient ruins and tiny tight streets before having to slowly come down a pebbled one-way path. Be careful to not pop a tyre here, as the path to paradise can be unpredictable!

There is plenty of space to park on the side once you reach the bottom of this pebble road and without fail you’ll notice Duboka Draga Bay right away and most likely just sigh. What a sight! The day I went was quiet and we only had to share the small secluded beach with 3 other people but I’d assume in July and August that it would be a little busier.


Why did I enjoy my visit to Duboka Draga in Vrsi? Firstly, it’s part of a little bay (uvula) and the waters were crystal clear, you could even see tiny fish swimming a meter from the shore. Some people may be tempted to jump into the waters from the cliffs but that’s not my thing! I also enjoyed it because the entire bay seemed clean, even ladybugs hung around. It was really beautiful and special. I posted a few pictures and videos on my social media and so many people asked where I was and how to get there. Not forgetting to mention that it’s very photogenic. I’d call it family-friendly too but I think it suits adults without children more. Queen’s beach in Nin is perfect for anyone with a young family, the sand is tolerable unlike the pebbles on all other beaches like Duboka Draga.

Duboka Draga in Vrsi has been my favourite Dalmatian Baptism so far, every beach brings me closer to being a proper Dalmatinka. Don’t fret my Dalmatian friends, I still have a VERY long way to go.

Will I be back? Most certainly but Shhh, it can be our little secret.


  1. Martin
    July 30, 2018 / 12:42 pm

    Holy crap, this beach looks amazing. Croatia has been on my must-see list for years now, I’m going to need to book my trip for next summer!

  2. Danijela
    August 9, 2018 / 11:51 am

    Duboka Draga ❤️

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