Korta Katarina, The Most Luxurious Villa in Croatia

Korta Katarina, The Most Luxurious Villa in Croatia

The views of the Adriatic sea on the Pelješac Peninsula will take your breath away, there’s no doubt about it. The scenic landscapes, an idyllic getaway. It was my first time to this part of the south dalmatian region of Croatia and it most definitely won’t be the last. Part of my job working with Dreamtime Events Croatia, specialising in luxury destination weddings, is knowing which new properties have come onto the scene, particularly those suitable for high networth individuals.

Korta Katarina is one of a kind in Croatia, a villa and winery like no other and only those where money is not a problem will be able to afford the luxury to call this a home away from home. Visiting Villa Katarina was a magnificent experience, one filled with motivation for my husband and I, a glimpse into what could be, it was the ultimate goals.

Villa Katarina is located in the quiet town of Orebic, a two hour drive from the already-famous Dubrovnik. The villa sits overlooking the Adriatic Sea with it’s own winery and award winning wines. This ‘wine resort‘ by the sea opens it’s doors for the opportunity to experience wine making, wine tasting and gastronomy lunches to match. Sadly, I can’t sample of the wines so I can’t tell how great they are. However, if the spectactular Villa Katarina is anything to go by, I’m confident that the wines will leave an impression.

Owned by American Philanthropists, Lee and Penny Anderson, whose introduction to Croatia began in 2001 after the war in Bosnia ended. Together they fell in love with the country and started investing in their own wine. They purchased what today stands as Villa Katarina, after a lengthy restoration and renovation period, an extravagant stone building towering over with panoramic views of the sea was born.

Villa Katarina in Orebic has 8 spacious suites, complete with ensuites. The villa can comfortably sleep up to 20 guests at a time and with it’s hefty price tag comes a full time private chef and butler  at your full disposal. Can you imagine yourself here? I know that most certainly I can.

Inside the villa the decor is classic however, resembles comfort and convenience, despite the over the top decadence that is felt as soon as your enter the premises. It’s your home away from home. Villa Katarina is inviting, not intimidating.

Marble floored bathrooms and bathtubs, each with their own view of the majestic Adriatic sea.

Each room and corner of the villa was carefully curated by designer Marie Meko, whose attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed throughout the tour.

Villa Katarina gives you the choice between infinity pool or beach at your door step, an indoor or outdoor jacuzzi without forgetting out high-life essentials, steam room, sauna and gym.

Although my visit to Villa Katarina was brief, it was unforgettable. Whenever I am feel unmotivated I think back to those special few hours and remind myself to keep on going. Those who are fortunate enough to afford the luxury to spend the night here will also have an unforgettable stay in Croatia.  It was very sad to leave.

If you’re in Orebic and want to experience the wine making, wine tasting and gastro tour at Korta Katarina, contact the office here:

Address: Ul. Bana Josipa Jelačića 3, 20250, Orebić
Phone: 020 713 817

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