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Here’s the thing about Amsterdam’s gastro scene, it’s very similar to London. There is a long list of restaurants that are tempting and worth trying and it’s very difficult to choose. Everywhere you seem to turn there seems to be a restaurant carefully decorated, waiting for you to pick it. I’ve learned my lesson from my restaurant hunt in Barcelona and not to rely on luck when booking a table, all plans need to be booked and confirmed again in advance. When I started looking for restaurants in Amsterdam I was immediately inundated with hundreds of lists and experiences to choose from. Amsterdam is just that kind of city, there is something for everyone depending on your budget. My husband wasn’t too fussed about a Michelin Star restaurant in Amsterdam however, there are a lot of Michelin Star restaurants in Amsterdam. It is a city with a thriving culinary scene. Considering the general vibe in Amsterdam is more cool and casual, I was looking for a highly recommended restaurant that didn’t require me to bring out my trusty Valentino Rock Stud heels, so I came across Ron Gastrobar.

Ron Gastrobar is not your typical Michelin Star restaurant, it is not a fine dining experience compared to the likes of Alain Ducasse or Steirereck at Stadtpark. It’s the polar opposite: A calm, contemporary setting with fine modern interior and an open kitchen. It screams more high end steakhouse than fine dining. It really is the most unconventional Michelin Star restaurant I’ve ever been to, one filled with unexpected surprises.

Ron Gastrobar is owned by Ron Blaauw, a famous Dutch chef who also runs another Michelin Star restaurant under his own name.

The restaurant is located in trendy neighbourhood in Amsterdam and to get there you can walk from the centre through Vondelpark like we did, but it’s probably best you get a taxi. The walk took about an hour. The dinner session begins at 5:30pm, not a minute earlier so if you get there too early you’ll be directed to a nearby cafe. To book at table at Ron Gastrobar you can use the booking service on their website. It’s very easy and practical.

While Ron Gastrobar claims they are ‘not your typical Michelin Star restuarant,’ the menu shows a few familiarities. There are oysters, foie gras, lobster and even caviar. While the dry age rib steaks look tempting, my husband and I agree on the 6 course menu which costs 69.50€ per person.

Warm homemade bread arrives with a jar of green olives.

First course was gravlax of salmon with horseradish and dille-buttermilk.

Second course was carpaccio of edgebone with cream of anchovy and lavasoil.

My husband absolutely loved this dish.

Dutch shrimps with smoked mashed potato and buttergravy was the third course.

Potentially the best dover fish I’ve ever had wrapped in a crispy butter crust and sauerkraut.

Ron’s boneless spare ribs were tender and marinated in a rich sauce that had us both wanting more.

The Ron Gastrobar suprise egg was the perfect end to the perfect six course meal.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise but if you do experience it, let me know in the comments below!

Would I reccomend Ron Gastrobar? Yes. 10/10

Here’s a fun little tip: If you join the dinner session at 5:30pm and pay the bill by 7:30pm, you get a 20% off discount your entire experience!


Address: Sophialaan 55

1075 BP Amsterdam

Phone: +31 20 496 19 43


Adriana Kuprešak
Adriana Kuprešak

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