A Visit To Zagreb, Croatia {During Covid-19}

A Visit To Zagreb, Croatia {During Covid-19}

The Covid-19 epidemic is over…sort of, in Croatia and capital city Zagreb.

Now, I won’t bang on about my suspiscions or conspiracy theories, I am somewhat allergic to the mainstream news at the moment. I’ve spent the past three months in lockdown in London, at home all day every day and I’m done. Fortunately Croatian nationals were allowed to return to the homeland before tourists but getting into the country was a whole different story and mission. We entered Croatia through Hungary after landing in Budapest via London. Prior to our trip, we had to inform the Croatian Ambassador in Hungary of our arrival, who then connected us with a taxi that would take us to the Hungarian-Croatian border and from there we had to be picked up by someone we knew. The taxi left us at the border and watched us walk by foot across to Croatia. Can’t make this up, even if I tried. We laugh about it now but it sure was a mission.

Now I’m back in Croatia for my summer holidays. While things heat up in London {very slowly reopening}, I will be soaking up the sun on the Dalmatian coastline. I vow to keep blogging and updating my social media reguarly. I know there are a lot of people from the Croatian disapora who unfortunately won’t be able to visit Croatia this year but I promise I will give you a front row seat by the sea.

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Here is a brief glimpse of what I got up to while in Zagreb…

Dress – Never Fully Dressed

I made sure I stopped by my second family in Zagreb, Caffe Bar Finjak who were all smiles as per usual. While Zagreb and business in Zagreb may be slow, everyone is still positive and optimistic.

Usually this time of year Park Zrinjevac in Zagreb is buzzing with an event or live installation, unfortunately due to the current pandemic, it was quiet and empty.

Spring is still my faourite time of year to be in Zagreb.

In Zagreb, my husband and I only stay {& recommend} The Esplanade Hotel. This time we got the junior suite which also gave us three balconies overlooking Zagreb. As per usual, this hotel is the premier place to stay in Zagreb, there is no other hotel in Zagreb that compares to The Esaplande.

Actually, our first dinner {post lockdown} was at my favourite restaurant downstairs, Zinfandel’s. Nothing beats a salt crusted sea bass straight from the oven.

Dress – Never fully Dressed / Heels – Dolce & Gabbana



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