Khala Restaurant & Bar: Sushi in Zagreb

Khala Restaurant & Bar: Sushi in Zagreb

Since Japanese cuisine is “on-trend,” in Zagreb, there are several places where you can get sushi. For a more casual sushi experience, Ginger Sushi is perfect and well priced. However, if you’d like to dress up and pretend you’re going to Nobu in London for the night, Takenoko, Time and Khala are the places to go in Zagreb. Takenoko is my favourite Japanese restaurant in Zagreb and I am there monthly. My husband is not much of a creature of habit like me and likes to try out new places. He always suggests Khala Restaurant and Bar in Zagreb’s Kaptol Centre area instead. Every now and then I agree but I am very loyal to my Takenoko.

We finally agreed to a night out for my best friend’s birthday. Booking a table at Khala is easy through their Instagram page and whoever is managing their page is doing a fantastic job communicating with customers. Khala used to be the type place you’d pull an “all nighter” however, the restaurant section was opened in autumn 2017. It still turns into a bar in the later hours of the night Friday and Saturday night and only attracting Zagreb’s beautiful people calling other famous venues, Jimmy Woo and Barbieri’s neighbours. I no longer pull all-nighters, so I just go to Khala for the food, a fine mix of Japanese and Asian fusion and I’m long gone before’s Zagreb’s glitterati arrive.

We begin with spicy edamame.

Followed by chicken & prawn gyoza.

We also ordered the Tataki tuna which is lightly seared tuna (almost rare) drizzled with spring onion and edible flowers.

I may or may not have ordered the tempura prawns twice.

Our sushi arrived on a large wooden boat, it’s all about the presentation guys and Khala know it!

We ordered the spicy California and crispy tuna rolls.

Do I recommend Khala? I do. It’s not my scene however I can appreciate how it appeals to others. Once you’re finished your meal you can move along to the bar or continue bar hopping to Barbieri’s or Jimmy Woo. It’s all conveniently close but Khala is the perfect start to a long night.

I must commend the customer service at Khala, extremely professional and happy staff waitstaff. This sounds like a stupid remark but we’re in Croatia remember. During the day, you’re able to sit outside on the terrace and smoke shisha, Khala is one of the few places in Zagreb that cater for this type of clientele.

Khala Restaurant & Bar

Address: Tkalčićeva street 88, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Make a Reservation: +385 98 273 116

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